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Everything from Art Metal (Manning Brown and Chase) to Lithographed Tin.
circa 1920 English Silver/Pewter(?) Ink Sander (11-15-03)

Rare Books
Out of the 1000+ books from this three generation family, we are offering only the rarest and most interesting online. Subjects are far ranging, from: children's books, religious studies, philosophy, science, nature, fiction, architecture, history, other cultures, military history, a sizeable Abraham Lincoln collection (see also "Historical Paper). Many books are signed and many have excellent dust jackets. Some full sets offered.
Brink's: The Romance of Moving Money (10-26-03)
Blackstone's Commentaries on the Law (11-14-03)

Sorry, but this stuff's gone.
1950's Atomic Cove Lighting (07-26-03)
c. 1910 Beckwith Reed Pump Organ (08-18-03)
Coca-Cola Serving Tray (08-25-03)
Pre-Castro Cuban Maracas (09-05-03)
Vintage Mr Peanut Bank (09-05-03)
Spring Flower Vintage Apron (09-05-03)
Vintage Bottle Brush Wreath (09-05-03)
PIT by Parker Brothers (09-05-03)
Cleminson of California Pottery - Sprinkler (09-05-03)
Bungalow Blues Apron (09-05-03)
Vintage Melodica from Hohner (09-05-03)
Sacony Oil Candle c. 1940's (09-20-03)
Vintage Le Grand Hotel Paris Ashtray (09-22-03)
Mint in Box Smokey Bear Game (09-22-03)
Bruno Matheson Art Metal (10-15-03)
Coca-Cola Lighted Sign (10-25-03)
Buster Brown & Captain Kangaroo (10-29-03)
Nifty 50's Giraffe Print Apron (11-13-03)
Millers Falls Hand Drill 2500B c. 1948-1956 (11-14-03)
Vintage Goldtone Powder Compact (11-17-03)
Petit-Point Floral Compact (11-17-03)
Art Deco Langlois Rouge Compact (11-17-03)
Avon Couterines Lipstick Doll (11-18-03)
Hedi Schoop Vintage Horse Planter (11-26-03)
Uncle Mistletoe, Rare Cookie Jar (12-03-03)
1930's Richard Hudnut Vintage Compact (12-13-03)
Chevalier de la Nuit by Ciro Perfume in Box (03-02-04)
Russell Wright "style" Bun Warmer (03-29-04)
Pillsbury Bake-Off Cookbook Collection (05-02-04)
1955 Forest Trees of Illinois from Dept of Cons (10-26-04)
Nodder Band for Easter! (12-02-04)

Vanity & Perfume
Indulgences--perfume & cologne, compacts, accessories, dresser top items
Carved Deco Bakelite Dress Clip (09-08-03)
Japanese Damascene Compact c. 1920's (09-15-03)
Vintage Carved Ivory & Baleen Bracelet (09-22-03)

Vintage Clothing
A small selection of vintage clothing will be made available soon...coats, hats, a large scarf collection, a large glove collection, some everyday items
Delicious peachy keen apron (10-24-03)

We're selling off a house full of stuff left behind in the neglected bungalow we bought. Check out what we've posted here, or scan the items we've posted in our home restoration journal and make us an offer if see something you like!

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