c. 1910 Beckwith Reed Pump Organ

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We know very little of the history of this Beckwith Organ from Chicago. Here is a similar one with more information.

It came from a little church and probably did have a decorative top half at some point (the two halves used to detach for travel and shipping). The style looks complete without it.

It is solid walnut with two gorgeously carved standing Griffin legs, both pedals covered with maroon leather and all of the keys. It has the knee and swell levers. Pedals and levers all work.

The keyboard is divided for lots of variety in the playing. Our church organist (who already has her own organ) came by and we asked her to play it. The sound was magnificent! (She plays with the Chicago Symphony too! And already has an old organ.) Sadly, we don't play the organ and we have room for only one item...this or my childhood piano. The piano won.

If you have the courage, this could be disassembled for its very beautiful architectural details (to use in decorating a Bungalow or Victorian house). Emotionally, I just can't bring myself to do it.

Dimensions: 43.5" wide, 48.5" tall, 23" deep.

Here are the 17 stops. Five stops need to be reconditioned.

Bass Coupler - (Reconditioned? Or works with other stops? I don't know.)
Bounder Bass
Coronet Echo
Viola - (Needs to be reconditioned.)
Principal Forte - (Needs to be reconditioned.)
Vox Humana - (Needs to be reconditioned.)
Diapasm Forte
Clarionet (sic)
Treble Coupler - (Reconditioned? Or works with other stops? I don't know.)

All the keys are working. There is a small bit of touching up needed on the woodwork here and there. This is the original finish, it has not been refinished (which would diminish its value).

As a beautiful, decorative piece, you couldn't ask for more.

House in Progress Price = SOLD!

Note: Buyer must arrange all shipping logistics and pays all shipping costs. Buyers in the Chicagoland area are preferred. We can arrange to show this piece prior to purchase.

All items are shipped via USPS unless otherwise noted above. If you'd like to propose a different method of payment, shipping method or price contact us at shop @ houseinprogress.net.


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