Uncle Mistletoe, Rare Cookie Jar

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His Pedigree: Originally designed by Foote, Cone and Belding advertising agency for the Marshall Fields Department Store in Chicago for the store's annual Christmas display. In 1946, Marshall Fields introduced Uncle Mistletoe to compete with Montgomery Ward's creation, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.In 1948, Uncle Mistletoe was a 12-inch puppet dressed in a costume resembling an English coachman who assisted Santa Claus with his business matters. He lived with the inhabitants of Candy Cane Lane, a magical world where "dreams come true." The popularity of Uncle Mistletoe soared, and was soon turned into a tri-weekly television program entitled "The Adventures of Uncle Mistletoe," which lasted for four seasons. You can still see him on the top of "The Great Tree" in the Walnut Room.

Our Uncle Mistletow:
A large 12"-inch high cookie jar which is perfect in every way! From his rosey cheeks to his black shiny hat to the white wings on his back. Sold by Marshall Fields between 1948 and the early 1950's, and found in the attic with a many other Marshall Fields items--packaged sheets and so forth. (We can only guess that he was purchased on a whim or was a gift never given, and then forgotten about.) If you want to read the story of Uncle Mistletoe at Christmastime for your new family tradition, you can get his book, too! However, there are reproduction jars about! So take care!

The original Uncle M comes with the mark "Uncle Mistletoe Cookie Jar Pat D 150028". He is 12" high. And his wings are folded neatly BEHIND his back. He has no chips or cracks. He has a tiny line of pottery glaze "crazing" right above his forehead which is only noticeable on close inspection which is due to the age of the glaze, but is NOT a crack in the pottery. We want to be as up front as possible about the details.

Price = SOLD!

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