Nodder Band for Easter!

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These little candy containers are trying to take their cues from the EASTER BUNNY...but they are having a little trouble staying in tune and playing the same song! The horn player, the other musicians...what does that Bunny want from us? Just keep nodding "yes" and keep playing.

We believe they are from pre-WWII Germany (they are marked on the bottom, "Made in Germany", with no distinction regarding West Germany which would indicate a later date).

Each paper-mache figure is decorated and painted touch-ups, no tears, and they still have their smart confetti jackets. That means that our Bunny Band Director will need some ears to go with his handsome black bowler. But the chick band? Perfection! Each one twists gently in half to hide candy, treats, an engagement ring, you get to pick the prize :)

ONE chick Nodder from "The Good Old Days" Store = $48.00

HIP Price for the band: SOLD

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